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May 28, 2019

What is the Difference Between Tights and Pantyhose

With tights and pantyhose both making a major return back on the fashion scene, it’s important to know the difference between the two. And with sustainable hosiery now a possibility, there’s never been a more exciting time to nab some of your own.

A Difference of Thickness and Sheerness
While pantyhose typically shows off the leg in its basically natural form, tights are opaque and usually colored or crafted with a bold pattern. This season, bold patterns have been particularly in style. So when you see a woman walking around with nude legs that are still covered in hosiery, you can assume that she’s wearing pantyhose. Tights are made to cover the leg pretty fully, but they’re still not as thick as leggings. While tights will typically encounter runs before they’re discarded by their owner, they will usually last quite a bit longer than plain pantyhose, which unfortunately experiences the most runs of all. Leggings are of such a thickness that they should never run at all.

Modern Hosiery
Back in the day, women would send their damaged pantyhose to be mended, but today they’re just thrown into the garbage by most. Sustainable companies like Swedish Stockings are trying to change this by offering incentive programs to get women to recycle their hosiery. When ladies mail in their used or damaged pantyhose to the company, they’ll receive a discount code in return. This is to encourage women not to release their hosiery to the multitude of landfills around the world. Unfortunately, the process of creating hosiery can be very tough on the environment. And when pantyhose or tights don’t last as long as they should, their eco-friendly potential is affected.

Think about Your Shoes When Considering Pantyhose or Tights
Wearing stockings with sandals is the ultimate fashion faux pas, so you’ll want to make sure that you don’t don this regrettable look. If you’re wearing a basic pump or stiletto heel, regular pantyhose will probably look best. If, however, you’re putting on boots or a more serious shoe, then tights are probably the best option. Either way, you’ll want to ponder what the weather conditions will be before you leave home. Tights will offer you much more protection against the elements; on cold days, wearing just pantyhose may leave you feeling a bit bare. No matter which you ultimately choose, both pantyhose and tights tend to make legs look amazing.


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