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April 21, 2019

The Role of Pallet Racks for Bulk Materials

The term bulky and heavy materials can refer to any quantity of items in a warehouse. It can include palletized bricks, steel components, beverages, concrete blocks, lumber, barrels, drums, and manufacturing raw materials. However, what matters is how a manufacturing facility stores its products and still run its warehouse with efficiency. Distribution centers and manufacturing facilities can store bulk materials in electronic storage, rack storage, floor stacking, and retrieval. These are some of the roles of pallet racks in handling bulk materials in a warehouse.

Push Back Racks

The role of forklifts in a warehouse is to place loads on carts that ride on included rails. After that, the warehouse operator can use the pallet to pull each load back. The forklift usually pushes the front pallet when removing products from a forklift to allow pallets on the cart to roll to the forklift. That makes retrieval and placement of the nest carts easier. One reason to use back racking systems is that they allow maximum utilization of a storage facility. With up to 400% more selectivity, back racking systems allow for greater versatility and quick pick rates along with high storage density.

Drive-in Pallet Racks

These racks allow lift trucks to get into the tray from one side to either pull out pallets or pick them up. However, drive-in racks are often subject to abuse compared to selective racks based on how warehouse workers utilize them. With drive-in racks, lift trucks must be driven all the way to the rack to either restock or pick a load, and this takes more time than pulling loads from the rack front. Drive-in racks also raise the odds of racks or forklifts colliding. However, their capacity is high and can store up to 75% more pallets compared to a selective rack. That translates to effective utilization of the storage space, fewer aisles, and more pallets in a small storage space.

Selective Pallet Racks

These racks use cross beams and uprights to store a pallet and as a shelf for support. Pallet racks are the best solution for a storage facility or warehouse that wants to keep a broad array of products. It allows workers to access all stored pallets at any time and ability to handle loads from any location without any movement. With selective pallet racks, it is easy to control stock because each storage space has a single position for the pallet. Loading pallets with selective pallet racks are also flexible compared to other racks. Despite being the most flexible racking system, selective pallet racks have the lowest storage density and require more aisles than other pallet racking options. However, it is an ideal option for maximum access to loads and faster-moving pallets.


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