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May 21, 2019

The Differences Between Heat Transfer Vinyl and Solvent Printable Vinyl

When it comes to heat transfer vinyl or solvent printable vinyl it is important to remember that there are many different uses for each. Each one has its own pros and cons. Really what it comes down to is what the project is and of course personal preference.

Heat Transfer Vinyl
HTV or heat transfer vinyl is a special vinyl created by various companies in order to be used on fabrics and other materials when creating things like promotional items. Normally an HTV is made of only one color but can be customized to use multiple colors, or even use other options such as patterns, holographic, glitter, puffed out 3D, or even glow in the dark.
Heat transfer Vinyl is usually purchased in 15” to 19” wide and in rolls of 5 to 50 yards. The average items that require HTV are things like hats, purses, pants, jeans, shirts, blankets, or scarves. The temperature needed while applying depends on the material and ranges from 250 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Tools needed for HTV are printing machines directly to the fabrics and a vinyl cutter. These are extra costs but will make the job more professional. Weeding tools remove heat from spots that are not meant to stick while an iron will adhere the the desin to the material.

Solvent Printable Vinyl
The main use of solvent printable vinyl is to create a multicolor design or pattern that is just not possible for a normal HTV. Various companies make this type of vinyl as well and one thing to keep in mind is that by using a solvent printable vinyl compared to a normal HTV is that the vinyl rolls are cheaper. One reason to use a Solvent Printable Vinyl is if you have a special order or item you would like to put a logo on. These are items like backpacks, umbrellas, nylon materials, and the main use of solvent printable vinyl, which is banners or signs for businesses.
This vinyl can do all the same things as the others but due to being able to use software to do the designs you want on a computer and then printing the designs out using the solvent printable vinyl the price of the project is cheaper. Also, print/cut printers can properly cut solvent printable vinyl so there is no need to buy vinyl cutters.

When it comes to the HTV or solvent printable vinyl it really comes down to how often you are going to be doing certain projects. If you or your clients vary, it would be cost effective to have both. No matter what route you end up going, if done properly the designs should last your lifetime.


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