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March 17, 2019

Selecting the Right Mower to Fit Your Yard

Homeowners strive to keep their lawns tidy, but there are those who don’t know that part of their lawn’s health and beauty depends on the type of lawnmower they use. Indeed, some don’t even know there are other types of lawnmowers beside the gas powered rotary mowers seen everywhere or the riding mowers used for bigger lawns. The fact is there are different types of lawnmowers, and some are better not only for the lawn but for the mower.

Riding or Walking Mowers
Lawn care experts recommend that people use a riding lawn mower for a lawn that’s over three quarters of an acre in size and a walk-behind for anything smaller. If the mower is powered by electricity, the cord should be long enough for the mower to cover the entire lawn without having to use an extension.

Mower Decks
The lawn mower deck is the housing that contains the blade and protects the mower. They can range from 20 inches on a walk behind mower to 42 inches on a riding mower. The wider the deck, the more grass it will cut at one time, but a homeowner who has a small yard might do better with a mower with a smaller deck.

How much power a lawn mower needs to mow a lawn in a reasonable amount of time depends on the size and terrain of the lawn. A small, flat yard can be quickly mowed with a manual or electric walk-behind mower. A gas-powered mower delivers more power than an electric mower and is good for a larger yard. The riding mower is the thing for a big yard with hills and dales. The one caveat is to avoid a mower with a zero turn on this type of yard because its wheels can slip. A riding mower with an engine in the rear is the best to use on a hilly lawn. They are also good for lawns with lots of plantings because they have narrower decks, though zero-turn mowers are more maneuverable.

Rotary blades cut the grass at high speeds and can even cut well when they’re blunt, though the tips of the grass will turn brown. A mower with cylinder blades cuts the grass like scissors and is a bit gentler.

Many types of mowers come with add-ons such as collection bags and mulching blades. These features are good for collecting or distributing grass clippings, which should be added to the lawn for their nutrients. The owner can buy attachments such as a harrow to add to their riding mower, but they need to keep the power of the engine in mind. Mowers with rear engines, for example, are probably not powerful enough to pull such an attachment. This would require a lawn tractor, which is quite different even from a riding mower.


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