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March 13, 2019

How to Save on Utilities this Summer

Summer is the best four months of the year to enjoy life, the great outdoors, and the most spectacular fun you’ll have the entire year. But, for many people, the added costs of utilities during the summer months weighs on the fun. It’s hard to live it up when utility costs are rising to tremendous numbers! Luckily there are several simple ways to reduce costs of summer utility costs.

Seal the Cracks 

Many homeowners fail to realize exactly how much energy they lose through cracks at various spots in their home. It is easy to seal these cracks, improve the comfort inside your home, and drastically cut summer cooling costs. Look for cracks around the home’s foundation, around the doors, and around the windowsills and don’t forget to check for leaking pipes!

Cook Outside 

When you turn on the oven, it heats up the home very quickly. Why not keep the oven turned off and take your dinner needs to the grill? BBQs are all a part of summer fun and by cooking outdoors, you’ll reduce your electricity costs!

Use a Programmable Thermostat

If you are not using a programmable thermostat already, it is time to make the upgrade. A programmable thermostat automatically targets your specified temperature and turns on only at designed times so you aren’t wasting energy. Programmable thermostats are reasonably priced and can save hundreds of dollars each year.

Let the Fresh Air In

When weather permits, turn off the AC, open the windows and the doors, and let the fresh air inside. Not only can you reduce some of the indoor air pollutants in the home, you’ll also cut cooling costs. It is a winning situation! This is not an option every day, so do take advantage when the opportunity presents itself.

Look for the Energy Star Label

Energy Star products provide efficiency that can considerably reduce costs around your home. Make sure all of the appliances in your home contain the Energy Star label to keep costs low. You’ll find this label attached to everything from water heaters to refrigerators and even light bulbs, too.

Turn on the Fans

Ceiling fans help distribute air from the AC unit evenly through the home. You can turn down the thermostat a few degrees when using the ceiling fan during the summer. Oscillating window and box fans can also cool things down in the home while cutting energy costs.


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