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March 17, 2019

How to Save on Clothing for Children: Tips and Tricks

Children grow quickly, requiring you to buy new clothing frequently. However, when you are on a budget, there are several tips and tricks to help you save money on a child’s garments.

1: Shop at Clearance Sales

Learn how to shop at clearance sales by going to the back of the children’s department. This is where a store keeps its clearance merchandise because many customers are in a hurry. Check the price tags while also looking at the signs in the store to determine if there are additional discounts. To save more money, make sure to ask a cashier about any coupons that might be in a store’s sale flyer. You can also buy a slightly larger size of clothing that is on clearance to have garments ready when your child has a growth spurt.

2: Exchange Clothing with Relatives and Friends

Have a seasonal clothing exchange with your relatives and friends who have children of different ages. This is a great way to get holiday dresses and suits that were worn only a few times. Additional good items to look for are winter coats and jeans that are expensive when you buy the garments at regular prices.

3: Visit a Local Consignment Store

Check your city’s local telephone directory to find consignment stores that sell children’s garments. In addition to finding inexpensive clothing for your child, you can also bring in his outgrown garments to make some cash or barter for new items. A consignment store manager can also call you when another customer brings in clothing in the size that you need.

4: Learn How to Sew

If you learn how to sew, then you can alter garments that are too big or long. Alternatively, you can buy patterns and fabrics to make dresses, slacks and shirts from scratch. It is possible to use the same pattern to make numerous garments from different types of fabrics with embellishments such as buttons, ribbons and zippers.

5: Look for Neighborhood Yard Sales

When the weather is warm, you can drive through your neighborhood looking for yard sales where other parents are trying to get rid of children’s clothing. Make sure to bring along cash to buy this clothing, but most items are inexpensive. It is also acceptable to negotiate prices with anyone who is having a yard sale.

6: Find Bargains at Online Stores

Online children’s clothing stores often have clearance sales on garments in particular sizes. Before making a purchase at an online retailer, always look for discount coupons. In some cases, you can receive free shipping and handling on your purchases when you spend a certain amount at an online store.


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