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March 13, 2019

How to Make Your Home More Wheelchair Accessible

While handicap accessibility is required in all public places, most homes are not designed with wheelchairs in mind. But, a few fairly simple modifications can be made in any home making it easier to navigate for someone in a wheelchair. If you are looking for ways to make your home more wheelchair accessible, here are a few areas to think about.


If you have steps leading into your home, having ramps built and installed will make wheelchair access much easier. You would want ramps for any entrance doors to you home. Also, take a look at any other floor areas inside of the home where there are steps involved.


Some doorways may need to be widened to allow enough room for a wheelchair to go through them. They should be at least 32 inches wide. You can easily find a good carpenter who will be able to widen any doorways that aren’t big enough.


There are a few different things to look for in the bathroom. A wheelchair will need a little more room to navigate. Not only does it need to get through the door, but there should be enough room for the wheelchair to turn around, allowing the door to be closed. Also, look at the fixtures.

  • Toilet: The height of a handicap toilet makes it much easier when accessing it from the seat of a wheelchair. There also needs to be room on one side of the toilet allowing the wheelchair to sit beside it. And, there should be supporting bars on the walls around the toilet.
  • Bathtub: You’d also want a wheelchair accessible bathtub. There are different styles available. But, basically, the front of the tub opens, allowing the wheelchair to sit next to it for easier access. There should also be support bars on the walls around the bathtub area.
  • Sink: The sink in the bathroom will need to have space underneath the front of it, allowing enough room for a wheelchair to slide in so the faucet can be easily reached.


There are also a few things to look at in the kitchen to make it more wheelchair accessible.

  • The counters may need to be lowered. And, there should be some counter areas where the wheelchair can easily slide under, allowing for a work area.
  • The sink may need to be lowered to accommodate the lower height of the wheelchair.
  • The positioning of stoves and ovens may also need to be lowered.

It’s all about safety and ease of access. You can make your home more wheelchair accessible with just a few alterations. And, making your home handicap accessible will allow a much-needed level of independence for someone confined to a wheelchair.


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