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March 16, 2019

How to Make the Most Out of Your Patio This Winter Season

Everyone enjoys spending time outside on the patio when temperatures are mild, but you don’t have to abandon outdoor leisure activities or entertainment just because summer is over. With a little creativity and a small investment, you can enjoy your patio in all kinds of weather.

Fire Makes a Space Cozy

When the weather is nippy, adding a source of heat is a quick way to encourage people to head outdoors. Installing an outdoor fireplace is one way to introduce a feeling of sophistication and romance to your open-air gatherings. Fireplaces can be small and intimate or dramatic and expansive.

If a fireplace is not your style, a decorative fire pit or kettle allows you to have the warmth and atmosphere of fire in a more casual container. You can even skip the open flame entirely in favor of a clean and adjustable propane heater that is ready to knock back winter’s chill at a moment’s notice. No matter which method you choose, your friends and family will appreciate being warm on the patio this winter.

Block the Wind Chill

Winter breezes can send guests indoors, so adding a windbreak will encourage them to linger outside. Bamboo curtains, vinyl partitions and other barriers that can be rolled up or put away when not in use offer protection just when you need it. For something more permanent and creative, an arbour or pergola can give you the beauty and peace of summer shade before transitioning into a warm winter retreat beneath natural fall foliage.

Indulge in Comfortable Surfaces

Thick, cozy cushions covered with weatherproof fabrics make bare patio furniture more inviting when the temperature drops. Rugs give toes a comfy place to rest, eliminating exposure to concrete or stones. For true indulgence, the addition of heated cushions and flooring will remove all objections to enjoying the outdoors when the weather turns chill.

Decorate for the Season

Making the most of your patio during winter involves more than simply staying warm. Summer decor is out of place when jackets are in use. Seasonal decor can include evergreen foliage, sparkling lights, scented votive candles and table covers in fall or winter patterns. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, and the change in decor will redefine your outdoor space so that it no longer feels like you are just awaiting warmer weather.

Spending time outside can be enjoyable in all seasons. What’s more, time in the great outdoors, even on the patio, is good for physical and mental health. Make the most of your outdoor living space and reap the benefits all year long.


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