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May 23, 2019

How to Improve Your Satellite Antenna Reception

First, let’s see what we need to boost the satellite dish’s signal. If you want more channels, the rise of the signal is likely to help. At least if different transponders are not obtained.

Another thing is that when a picture disappears completely, you understand that there is no satellite signal. A poor signal can have several reasons, and it can be quite easy to solve them.

The wind or someone outside the satellite would have been enough to prevent it, or at first it was poorly adapted and the signal disappeared during the intense rain or fog.

This is due specifically to the reality that errors were made during setup, the locking pins were not narrow enough. In this situation, simply adjust the satellite antenna to boost the signal without forgetting to correct the converter (right-left, front and back).

Gradual decline of the Satellite signal

If everything goes well, television broadcasts regularly, but over time, the signal started to fade more commonly or in winter (in the absence of leaves), or even if everything was in place and the satellite signal disappeared in summer. The reason for this is prevalent. Most times, branches of a tree form nearby, darkening the satellite’s signal fields. Cut the branch (or tree) or mount the satellite antenna elsewhere.

Another very trivial matter, Its principle is that the cable has bad performance. A condensation layer drops, the fluid joins or merely causes loosening. Then, with cable failure, the signal gradually drops. The best option is to replace with a stronger cable. Do not forget to fix it when it changes to prevent the wind from interacting with them.

These situations could also occur with the cable. If the cable size is too large, the signal inside is merely attenuated. And if they are well positioned next to the performance indicators of the antenna, you may not find a signal in the area.

How to enhance the reception of a satellite dish

In this situation, you must bring a high-quality cable and, if necessary, mount a satellite antenna repeater, some models are available in shops. Better to place it midway between the transmitter and the satellite dish.

This is very common, but sometimes the satellite receiver still has defects: no one can help in this situation except for the specialist. Sometimes a transmitter error can be detected by linking and disconnecting the wire to the transmitter (if all other equipment is in order), the signal scale must react in at least one way or another. The tuner does not switch on very often in the case of an energy breakdown, but sometimes there is no signal or it falls on one or all of the satellites.

What happens if everything is in order and the signal is still not strong enough

In this case, only an increase in the plate’s diameter will help. The signal power will overcompensate on a wide antenna. In order to choose the right size, it is best to look at the suggested antenna size in the required location for a particular satellite.

There are also a number of craft techniques to boost the satellite signal. But honestly, I haven’t evaluated them personally and I’m not going to discuss their ability to achieve quality satellite performance.

A metal bin can significantly boost the antenna signal by more than one meter, according to the professionals. Some who create unique pictures or can use a graphite coating may be enough. I don’t believe the satellite will operate from just using anything. Although, the selection of the polarizer and the radiator is very crucial in the C band. And if you pick them carefully, even on small satellite transmitters, you can amplify the good signal.


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