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May 23, 2019

How to Choose Bridal Lingerie According to Your Personality

Most brides put the biggest focus on their wedding dress when preparing for their big day. However, one of the other important details to consider involves the wedding night itself. For the wedding night, you will want to have bridal lingerie that flatters you and appeals to your new husband. Here is how to pick bridal lingerie according to your personality.

Get the Right Fit

Above all else, it’s important to get the right fit for your bridal lingerie. You can get fitted by going to a lingerie shop, even if it’s a popular chain franchise. At the very least, you should ensure that you know your bra and panties size so you can get a size that fits you comfortably and properly. Generally speaking, it is advised to get a fitting every six months to one year in case your body changes during that time.

Consider the Color

While most brides opt for white, cream or ivory, the traditional bridal lingerie hues, you can select any number of colors for your wedding night. These days, there are pastels, red, blue and even black pieces of bridal lingerie from which to choose. Bridal experts recommend avoiding the brightest shade of white as it can show through the fabric of your wedding gown. However, if you are more of a traditionalist and want your bridal lingerie as white as possible, you can choose ivory or a neutral flesh tone, which can nicely blend.

Keep Smoothness in Mind

One of the most important things to remember is that you want a smooth silhouette underneath your wedding gown. This will keep your overall bridal look on your big day seamless and flawless. Your bridal lingerie should consist of control underwear and convertible bras that are perfect to wear under a strapless or backless wedding gown.

Sexiness and Comfort

Next, you will want to select stockings or tights or hold-ups as part of your bridal lingerie. You might want to choose what you are used to wearing if it’s most comfortable for you. At the same time, you also want to keep sexiness in mind. However, you also don’t want to experiment on your wedding night with lingerie you aren’t used to wearing.

If you choose to get an elegant corset, be sure to get a professional fitting for it. Corsets are no longer uncomfortable garments that require ramrod straight posture and difficulty breathing. They can be sexy and fun and give your body a flattering look.

Putting all of these fine details together will help you to get the best out of your bridal lingerie. You and your new husband will be pleased on your wedding night.


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