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March 16, 2019

9 Instant Advantages of Using Brain Training

Brain training can cause some dramatic changes when put into regular use. However, not everyone wants to devote the rest of their life to a daily program. Here are some of the best instant benefits of brain training.

1. Finding Your Keys
Although being able to find your keys may not be top on your list of priorities, the feeling of losing important objects can be very frustrating. Programs focusing on memory recall can create immediate results when it comes to losing your keys.

2. Remembering That New Coworker’s Name
We all know it’s embarrassing to forget someone’s name, especially when they’ve just told you what it is. Brain training helps with this through teaching skills such as mnemonics, which is a method of remembering names and lists through a catchy phrase. For example, that new coworker, Ted can become “Ted’s glasses are red.”

3. Word Recall
Have you ever been in the middle of a sentence and totally forgot the next word you had to say? As unpleasant as it feels when it happens, most people experience this from time to time. Many brain training programs have a big focus on word recall.

4. Feeling More Alert
Too many people feel like they’re trudging along half-asleep every day. With some general brain training you will quickly notice your alertness improving and you’ll feel that spring in your step again.

5. Learning New Skills
After you’re feeling more alert, you will find it much easier to learn a new skill. Many people pick up a new language or teach themselves how to play an instrument after they start brain training.

6. Improved Performance at Work
A combination of remembering things more easily and your brain working faster will lead you to an improved work performance. You will be able to focus more clearly on your projects, so you’ll accomplish your daily goals in no time at all.

7. Reaction Time
People who utilize brain training report feeling safer driving because they respond to road signs and accidents more quickly. There are also benefits such as catching things as they’re falling and responding more quickly in conversations.

8. Self-Confidence
The combination of every other benefit listed will have you feeling like a brain-power-superhero. Who wouldn’t feel more confident when they’re remembering names and keeping track of their car keys and learning new things?

9. Better Mood
Although feeling happier is probably not your first thought when you consider brain training, the exercises used can increase a feeling of general well being. Brain training exercises increase the production of dopamine in the brain, which is commonly known as the happy hormone.


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