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March 18, 2019

8 Tips for Saving Money on Ammunition

Just about every shooter knows that ammunition can become very costly, especially for those who are serious about improving their skill. However, using several of these saving tactics will go a long way in gaining the necessary practice while not breaking the bank or wallet.

1. Buy in Bulk
A box of 20 rounds is going to naturally have a higher price rate than a case of 100 or so rounds, so save up and buy bigger quantities. In fact, buying in bulk will at least cut the price per round in half.

2. Look for Sales
This tip goes hand in hand with the first one, as many good sales sell in larger quantities. Sales tend to sky rocket during holidays, such as Black Friday, the last Friday of November. Online prices tend to be much more reasonable as well. Surplus ammunition, such as the 7.62 by 54, are sold at a very low rate.

3. Gun Shows
Gun shows, more often than not, have firearm, ammunition and other accessories set at prices that can’t be beat by no other. On top of that, one doesn’t have to worry about other costs such as shipping and transfer fees.

4. Walmart
Walmart, believe it or not, has the lowest prices of almost any ammunition retailer, except for maybe the not-so-mainstream vendors online. They also have a decent selection for all types of ammunition as well.

5. Reloading
Although the initial investment can range anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the setup one gets, reloading will save hundreds of dollars in the long run. One can also reuse spent casings to avoid buying fresh brass, cutting out an extra expense.

6. Use an Economical Firearm
Certain rounds, such as the 22lr, are significantly cheaper in price than other main calibers. Getting a rifle chambered in 22lr can get a person the sufficient practice they need while spending very little money on ammo.

7. Buy Online
More often than not, online ammunition sales beat offline sales by a long shot. However, make sure to buy in bulk to make shipping fees worth the purchase. This includes searching for vendors that rank more towards the bottom of search engines.

8. Make Shots Count
Use an effective practice method to save the amount of rounds that are used. Simply spraying ammo down range is a waste of both time and money. One can even use methods such as ICS, instinct combat shooting, to use as little rounds as possible, while being lightning quick and accurate at the same time.


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