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March 14, 2019

8 Secrets to Know about the Loan Approval Process

Most people must apply for loans at some point to obtain an automobile or a mortgaged due to a lack of funds that are available. The loan approval process can often be lengthy with the multiple steps that are involved and the documents that need to be processed. When preparing for a loan application process, there are a few secrets to getting approved by lenders.

1. Increase Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a representation of how well you handle debt and repay it. Increase your score by paying off outstanding debt and by keeping your usage below 20 percent of your available balance to earn the trust of lenders. You’ll also want to look for errors that are present and report them to credit bureaus to have them removed. Look for errors that include fraud or identity theft that has taken place in recent years. Attempt to increase your score to at least 700, which is considered to be strong to lenders and will make it easier to get approved.

2. Send the Necessary Documents

According to forbes.com, it’s important to ask about the type of documents you need to gather and submit to ensure that the loan is approved quickly without complications.

3. Calculate What You Can Afford

Determine how much you can afford by calculating your household income and taking your debt-to-income ratio into consideration. You’ll increase your chances of becoming approved by applying for as little money as possible, according to loannow.com.

4. Secure Your Employment

Lenders are more likely to approve loans if you’ve been at the same employer for at least a year, which will reduce your risk of a job loss to ensure that you can continue making payments on the loan.

5. Cover Your Bases

According to linkedin.com, avoid narrowing your information and offer everything upfront, which includes your personal financial information and debt that you owe.

6. Save Money

Lenders are more likely to approve loans if the borrower has extra money saved, which offers peace of mind to the lender that the money can be repaid and that the borrower is financially secure.

7. Increase Your Down Payment

Those who are applying for a home loan should increase their down payment to ensure that they have a better chance of getting approved. This will also make it easier to qualify for a larger loan.

8. Avoid Acquiring New Debt

It’s important to avoid acquiring new debt or opening new credit cards when your application is pending, which can lower your credit score and can make you look irresponsible with how you manage your money.


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