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March 14, 2019

8 Organizational Ideas to Use for Storage

If you’re like most people, you need more storage to reduce the clutter and chaos in your home. You may not have room to add a closet or buy a cabinet or other piece of furniture to store excess items. However, you can get creative and find unique ways to organize your stuff.

1. Use Baskets in the Kitchen and Bath – baskets are a stylish and informal way to store certain items. Roll up washcloths or hand towels and place in the basket in the bath room or keep napkins in one in the kitchen.
2. Use Plastic Crates in a Child’s Bedroom – stack plastic crates on their side and use them for toy storage.
3. Attach Plastic Baskets to the Wall – you can find small plastic baskets at many stores. Just hang them over a nail as a place to put keys or other small items.
4. Buy or Make Shelves – Buy small shelves or make your own and use them in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom for additional storage. You can place glassware, body lotion or other items on these shelves.
5. Turn Netting into Toy Storage – Take a piece of netting and nail it to a wall in the corner. Nail the other end to another wall and use it to store stuffed animals in.
6. Use Hooks for Clothing – Attach hooks to the wall by your front or back door and use them to hang coats if you don’t have a coat closet. They can also hold umbrellas and hats.
7. Use Wire Baskets as Media or Book Storage – Turn a wire basket on its side and attach to the wall with screws or nails. Place books in it or line CDs or DVDs up in it for easy access. This works in your child’s room as well as in a living room.
8. Attach a Large Shelf to the Wall for a Desk – Use braces to secure the shelf and you’ve created a small desk where you can keep your laptop and other office supplies for your home office. You can also get a stool with hidden storage which slides under your shelf and use it for extra paper or office items.

Take a look at items you have around the home and figure out ways to use them as storage. Look for space that is unused and figure out what would fit in that area that could be used to organize your stuff. Even in a small house, you can be organized and clutter-free.


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