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March 16, 2019

8 Frugal Ways to Decorate for a St. Patrick’s Day Party

It can be fun and easy to host a St. Patrick’s Day party for your and your friends, but it is essential to be easy on your wallet. Here are 8 ways you can decorate for your party while still saving a couple bucks.

1. Have Guests Wear Green
Don’t limit yourself to using just green decor for your party. A great way to cover the space in as much green as possible is to ask your guests to wear green. It can be as simple as asking them to wear green t-shirts. If everyone is wearing green, it will promote a sense of unity and theme for your party.

2. Green Food and Using Food Dye
One little dropper of green food dye can go a long way. You will be serving food at your party anyway, so why not give them a little touch of green with the food dye. Buy foods with natural green colors as well, like lime jello, lime soda, or veggie chips.

3. Cheap Green Table Cloth
A table where food is served takes up a lot of space at your party. You can easily convert it into a predominenty green space using a table cloth. A lot of dollar stores sell solid color table clothes for a single dollar. If you feel like getting a little fancy, buy one of those fake gold coins pouches for a single dollar as well. You can scatter them around the table.

4. Construction Paper Clovers
Use green and yellow construction paper you can find around the house and cut out fun shapes to tape up on your party room walls. Cut out shapes like clovers and gold coins.

5. Pick Clovers From Your Yard and Put Them in a Vase
Common clovers can be found in your garden or yard or perhaps the neighboring park areas. A lot of people consider them to be weeds and won’t mind if you pick them. Pick a couple bushels and scatter them around your party table or place them in small vases or cups.

6. Green Plastic Tableware
If you don’t already have green tableware at your disposal for your party, then you can run on down to your dollar store and purchase a whole solid green plastic tableware set for your party. Dollar stores sell these items in sets of 100 for only one dollar.

7. Green Balloons
Balloons can really fill up a space with their size. You want your party to look busy and a small touch of green balloons can do the trick. Balloons can be found cheaply in stores.

8. Green Fruit as Decor
You can also use green fruit as decor if you don’t wish to expend your money on plastic single-use decorations from the store. Buy limes, green apples, pears, melons, and green bell peppers and place them in bowls around your party area. They add great touches of green, doubling as food and decor.

Try out these cheap tricks to get your party started for St. Patrick’s Day. Your guests will love it and your wallet will thank you for it.


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