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April 22, 2019

7 Reasons Your Company Should Invest in Personalized Mailouts

In the digital world that we all live in today, personalized mailouts, otherwise known as direct mail advertisements, seem like an outmoded form of marketing. Direct mail is a great way to connect with your audience on a personal level with a tangible object. Here are 7 reasons why your company should incorporate personalized mailouts into its marketing efforts.

1. High return on investment

Direct mail advertisements have a higher ROI than pay per click or online display ads. Direct mail returns 29% on your marketing investment. This is only surpassed by the ROI figures for email marketing and social media campaigns, and social media only is ahead by one percent.

2. Direct mail enhances digital marketing

Diversifying your marketing channels is always effective. It’s not enough to just run Facebook ads. Most marketers leverage a variety of social media channels including Instagram, paid search ads and SEO strategies to get organic traffic. When you combine physical mail pieces into the mix, it increases customer loyalty.

3. Direct mail is good for targeting the right groups

There are a variety of tools available to help you target specific people. One example is the USPS.com direct mail tool that helps you send mail to people in certain areas. The tool has a map to guide your efforts and provides cost estimation capabilities.

4. You can track the mailouts

Although you can’t track a website visit from a physical mail piece the way you could track ad clicks, there are ways to track physical mail. You could set up a specific phone number that only direct mail customers will have access to in order to count the number of responses you are getting from direct mail.

5. Less people are using mailouts

It’s becoming less common because of the ease and prevalence of digital marketing. Fewer people are familiar with the ins and outs of direct mail, so it is starting to fade away. This is good for people who choose direct mail because people are not being inundated with junk mail as much as they were in the past.

6. Direct mail offers a tangible connection

In a direct mail envelope, you can place physical items of value that the customer will want to keep such as a coupon. A piece of mail that sits on your table is also less likely to be forgotten than an email that you delete from your inbox.

7. Direct mail is creative

There are a variety of things you can do to make mail unique and eye-catching. A gym in Brazil sent out calendars to members that showed images of people making fitness progress. You can use creativity to invent many unique things that people have never seen before.

These are just a few of many reasons why direct mail is a great choice for marketing in the 21st Century. It might seem less familiar and require a little more physical work than sitting in front of your computer screen, but the ROI speaks for itself. Start a mailout marketing campaign today, and watch your sales figures soar.


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