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March 15, 2019

7 Camping Games to Play on The River

Although camping in itself offers fun and adventure while you’re away from home, there are a few games that you can play to make the time go by faster and that can give you a better view of the area. When you’re deciding on the games to play, consider the ages of the people who are playing and the skills that each person has, especially if you plan to play the games in the water. Designate an area for playing if there are any risks at the campsite to keep everyone safe.

1. Marco Polo 
While you’re in the water, play a fun game of Marco Polo. One person is the target while the others swim away as quietly as possible. The target calls out for Marco as the others answer back with Polo. The target then tries to tag the others in the water based on where their voices are located.

2. Olympics
Set up a few events for everyone to compete in as they would see in the Olympics. The winners can receive a medal or prizes. Ideas include who can swim the farthest or who can jump farthest into the water.

3. Hunting
Make a list of things that teams can find in the river and along the shore. If you want the game to present more of a challenge, make each list different so that players can’t help each other.

4. Catch 
This is a fun game that older children and teenagers might enjoy. Everyone stands in a circle with one person in the middle. This person has a ball and will throw the ball to another person, giving a direction of activity to perform before changing places.

5. Ring Toss 
Brighten up the night by playing a ring toss game with glowsticks. Set up bottles of water that are spaced apart. You can also put empty bottles in the river so that they will float. Each person takes turns tossing glowstick rings to try to get them around the bottles.

6. Obstacles 
A fun way to pass the time in the water and on land is an obstacle course. Set up areas for older and younger children so that all ages have something to do during the event. Activities can include jumping over cups, doing a certain activity, or running to another campsite or the edge of the river and back.

7. Twister 
A group makes a circle in the water by connecting hands. The group then swims in the same direction to create a twister in the water. After a few minutes, everyone lets go to try to be the first to reach the shore.

Your camping adventure should be filled with lots of fun and laughter. After you’ve spent time relaxing, enjoy time with each other playing a few games. Try to skip the traditional games, adding your own twists to what you play so that it suits your family.


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