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March 14, 2019

6 Tips for Finding the Right Bridesmaid Dress Style for Your Wedding

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Whether you’ve dreamed of this day forever or are rather flummoxed, it’s time to figure out the tough stuff, and that means bridesmaid dresses.

Be Practical

Your bridesmaids won’t say it, but they really don’t want to spend a ton of money on a dress they’ll wear once. If possible, just choose a color and a fabric. Consider hiring a dressmaker or a coordinator and putting everyone in a dress they love.

Go Classic

We’ve all seen the cringe-worthy images of bridesmaids from the 70’s. In 50 years, our choices will likely draw a similar grimace. If you must have everyone in the same dress, try to choose a classic style that can be used again and will stand the test of time.

Have A Care for Modesty

Strapless gowns are not a good option for many women. At a certain age, neither are backless gowns or sleeveless gowns. If you fall in love with a dress in that style, offer your bridesmaids the choice of a shawl, jacket or cover-up. Also plan for the season and make sure there’s an extra layer of fabric if the day will be cool.

Be Kind In Your Shoe Choice

Depending on the daily life of your bridesmaids, the idea of wearing heels all day may be torturous. Again, consider choosing a color and letting everyone wear shoes they like and will be comfortable in. If you want a special shoe for the wedding, offer your bridesmaids the chance to change after the photos.

You’re Never Going to Make Everyone Happy

If you choose one dress and one style of shoe, you’re likely to have at least one unhappy bridesmaid. Even with a wide variety of dress choices, someone will likely be unhappy with the color you chose. Hang in there. It’s going to be fine.

Don’t Forget The Undies

Not everyone owns a good strapless bra. Be aware of the size and shape of your bridesmaids as well as their budgets in your dress choice; depending on their need, foundational garments can get very expensive.

Your wedding is going to be amazing and the pictures will be gorgeous. Have someone at the wedding who can help your bridesmaids look and feel their very best. Splurge on a makeup artist or hairdresser to add confidence to the whole bridal party.


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