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March 14, 2019

6 Cigars that Pair Perfectly with Summer Weather

When summer arrives, everyone cooks food that can be enjoyed outdoors on a patio or deck. Summer food is usually served with tasty, cold drinks and bold desserts, and most people who try these summer items outdoors usually smoke a cigar. If you want to smoke a cigar product that can enhance the lingering food flavors, there are six flavored cigar options that are worth considering.


If you enjoy spicy food that’s cooked with bold seasonings, a bourbon-flavored cigar is a practical choice. This cigar will pair nicely with the spices that are used to cook gumbos and soups. Also, because the cigar has components that match the flavors of popular bourbon drinks, you can enjoy it with an icy, cold bourbon drink on a hot summer day.


Cigars with coffee flavors benefit cigar fans who drink coffee during breakfast. Coffee-flavored cigars don’t have energy boosting properties, so you can smoke one of these products confidently without worry around the jitters. The coffee flavor that’s packed in an infused cigar pairs well with the ingredients that the top brands use to make their most popular coffee beverages.


Espresso cigar products are also trendy options for breakfast fans. However, since these cigars have more unique flavors, they’re practical products for people who typically buy iced coffee drinks. Espresso cigars are suitable for summer weather because they can be enjoyed with a cold coffee beverage when the sun begins to set.


Brands that make cigars with a wine flavor provide unique options that pair well with traditional dinner dishes. After eating a chicken meal or a steak dish with a glass of wine, you can continue to enhance the flavor of the beverage while smoking a properly infused cigar. These cigars can be handed out in the summer following an outdoor dining event on a patio or deck.


If you buy many desserts or cook dishes that require chocolate or sugar, a vanilla cigar is worth considering. Vanilla-infused cigars pair nicely with lemon drinks and other sugary items that are commonly served at a picnic.

Fired Cured

Fired cured cigar products have strong, hickey flavors, so you can try one of these products during a cookout. Smoked meat and beans are just some of food options match the flavor elements that are used to make a traditional fire-cured cigar. This cigar is popular because it has a scent and flavor that suit summer weather.


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