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March 13, 2019

5 Tile Designs for a Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom tile provides aesthetic and functional benefits. Aesthetically, it brings color, design, shape, and texture to a floor or wall. Its functional benefits include durability, low maintenance, and water resistance. As you plan your bathroom remodel, here are five bathroom tile designs to consider that merge the aesthetic and functional.

1. Matte Finish Tiles

Solid colors work best in a matte finish tile, like a gray or beige or the new in between color, greige. The dull finish of these tiles hides water marks and smudges better than glossy tiles, making them ideal for bathrooms. Depending on the color, you can acheive an elegant or earthy look.

2. Oversized Subway Tiles

You can still use traditional white 3 by 6-inch rectangle subway tiles, but you can mix it up because subway tiles now come in numerous sizes, patterns and colors. Look for patterns like arched, beveled, dome, sculptural. You’ll also find larger sized tiles now. Mix multiple colors and sizes for a unique look.

3. Wood Planks

You can use wood planks or ceramic tile designed to look like wood to create an earthy look. The planks come six inches wide, but vary in length from 12 to 48 inches. This variety, plus the fact that you can cut the planks to smaller size, means you can create patterns, such as herringbone. You’ll find cherry, maple and oak. Newer looks include distressed, weathered, or white washed. The advantage of wood grain tile is its water resistance. You get the look of wood without the worry of it warping from water.

4. Textured Tiles

Use tiles with texture like raking or 3D tiles to add color depth, surface defintion and interest, plus variation. Your look can go subtle or standout depending on the color and texture. With 3D tiles, you create art in the bathroom. Use this option to create a statement wall.

5. Geometric Shapes

Pretend you’re in kindergarten and play with shapes. The latest design trend in tiles is geometric shapes. Have fun with hexagons. Trip out on triangles. Choose from so much more than squares and retangles.

Whether you decorate the floor or the wall, tile adds beauty and utility. It provides an easy to clean, colorful option that can match or contrast to any wall or floor. Look to these five new tile designs for inspiration in your bathroom remodel.


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