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March 13, 2019

5 Steps To Properly Storing A Cigar

The storage of cigars is an interesting topic when it comes to the cigar lovers. On finding your perfect cigar all you need is to find the perfect time to smoke it. The truth about cigars is that without a proper storage they can be so inconvenient to the smoker as far as smoking cigars is concerned. That is why they need to be stored in an environment suitable for them and this means they will need their storage case (the humidor). At the end of this topic, you will learn about the steps to properly storing cigars.

• Cutting your coat according to your size 
When buying the humidifiers make sure you go for the price you can manage because these devices can be so expensive. The prices are always unfriendly for the middle class for they speak class (cigars and humidifiers). Although in some places prices are considered and you can be lucky to purchase the ones that are cheaply sold(only if you cannot afford the expensive ones or maybe you are on a budget).

• You will need a Humidor/Humidifying de vice

Humidors are the devices used to keep the cigars so fresh for a while (till the time you are ready to smoke). Humidifiers are important in the sense that they will help the cigars maintain their state in every kind of weather. Humidors have in them the humidifiers and hygrometers although in most cases when buying them you can find them not in the same device.

• Humidity level.
In every fourteen days, you should make sure you check the humidity level. This will help to guarantee that the humidity does not differ.

• The process Vis a Vis arid weather condition.
You will need to add purified water to your humidifier. You are allowed to use water that has in it the components that are able to make it block the holes of the humidifiers (to allow for a clear process). This will be needed to be done when the water reaches 64% going forward. At a higher level that surpasses the 64%, the humidor will now be stabilized

• Measuring the humidor’s moisture levels. 
In the case of the measurement of moisture levels, you will need a hygrometer which is used purposely to measure humidity’s level that is in the air. Just as said before, some hygrometers are found in the humidifiers when being purchased. If it happens that you don’t find the hygrometer in yours you can just buy in any store.

In your process just make sure you do not keep your humidifiers in a cold place because you don’t want your sticks to be drawn out of their moisture level.


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