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March 20, 2019

5 Advantages of Using an External Catheter

External catheters, which are also known as urinary sheaths, or condom catheters are used in the treatment of men incontinence. Despite the fact that it is not a true catheter given it is not inserted into urethra, it provides a similar function. They are designed to hold drainage of urine from the bladder. External catheters are worn in the same technique used in a condom. Usually, they are strapped to the leg and connected to a draining bag. In this regard, they are recommended for single use with an average wearing time of 24 hours.
1. They are cleaner.
External catheters are very clean to use even as compared to other methods adopted for incontinence solutions. The catheter will require to be changed and emptying of urine bag. Moreover, they will maintain men drier as compared to adult diapers.
2. Easy to use
Because an external catheter gets to fit the penis same way with a condom, they provide the best alternative for both patient and caregiver. In addition, wearing and sustaining is much longer than other catheters. Still, can be removed more easily for emptying and cleaning of urine bag.
3. Pain-free.
The traditional catheter is not comfortable to wear. Again, since it involves inserting a very narrow tube directly inside the urethra, it not surprising that many men find them painful. However, external catheter fits outside the penis; none of its parts is inserted, guaranteeing comfort when you wear. In this perspective less at risk of contracting infections similar to other invasive products.
4. easier to keep in place
They tend to stay in place in a much easier manner than traditional catheters. As long as they are properly fit but once it is safeguarded, you should not worry that it can pop off.
5. They are discreet
Tend to be much more discreet when compared to incontinence pads, adults’ diapers or any other incontinence products. Further, since all urine is collected in a non-leaking plastic bags there no odor emanating from using them. . No direct contact with urine to patient’s skin apart from the penis, on the other hand, exists few signs of physical discomfort, which can give other individuals clue that one is using a catheter.
Therefore, external catheters have good and many advantages in regards to other incontinence products, but not everyone who can benefit from them. Consult your doctor if you think they fit you. The doctor will explore whether it is ideal for your incontinence and advice accordingly.
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