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March 13, 2019

4 Reasons to Have a Reach Stacker in Your Warehouse

Reach stackers are used by various businesses for many different reasons. However, there are four reasons why multiple stackers are operated by industrial crews in warehouse environments.

Strategic Benefits During Projects

Because there are different reach stacker options available, warehouse managers can give various tasks to different workers without worrying about changes that can affect productivity or efficiency. For example, when large cargo needs to be transported to a specific area in a warehouse quickly, electric reach stackers can be used. Although these units don’t use gas, they’re able to travel through narrow and spacious zones in a warehouse effectively and efficiently. However, if a job requires precision and timing, a manager can train employees so that they can operate manual reach stackers. No matter what option is used, productivity won’t drop since both designs are manufactured with the same basic components.

Enhanced Environmental Benefits

Reach stackers can impact how efficiently tasks are tackled in a compact warehouse that lacks proper ventilation. This is possible because the motor components that power a reach stacker don’t emit harmful toxins that can slow down productivity and performance during time-sensitive industrial stacking projects. Also, since electric reach stackers don’t have an engine that relies on gas, workers can communicate more easily. When compared gas motors, electric engines are less noisy in warehouse environments.


Multiple reach stackers make the process of managing inventory easier for warehouse workers who handle a lot of stock. During typical situations that involve large pallets, a reach stacker can boost productivity dramatically throughout short runs that range around 100 feet. All units have a specific weight limit for inventory, so warehouse crews don’t have to guess in order to determine the proper calculations to ensure safety. These features make reach stackers convenient for workers by preventing the need to tote heavy inventory in order to manage stock in a warehouse. Also, since reach stackers have a low speed, employees don’t have to spend a lot of training before they’re able to successfully operate the equipment.

Engines for Different Situations

When certain projects need to be done, various reach stackers with different operating speeds and weight limits can simplify typical warehouse projects. During hauling situations that involve inventory that weighs from 2,000 pounds to 2,500 pounds, an adjustable stacker provides big benefits. This unit transports stock in a timely manner because the engine can reach 3.3 miles per hour. Other reach stacker designs are also available, so the process of picking a proper unit for higher weight limits and speed requirements isn’t challenging.


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