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May 21, 2019

4 Important Reasons to Have Your Clothes Professionally Altered

Getting your clothes altered to properly fit your body is a life-changing experience. If you’ve never had something professionally altered, you must consider this option. It’s the best way to keep you favorite garments accessible and will make you feel great.

1) Professionally Altered Clothes Will Wear Better

Over time, fabric wears out. If you have a jacket that is too tight in the shoulders, eventually either you will stop wearing it or your jacket will spend a lot of time in the closet. Get it altered for a great fit before the pull on the seams damages the fabric.

2) Professional Alterations Can Rescue Old Favorites

Styles change. Do you have a great dress or skirt that you loved to wear that no longer suits the style you need to wear to maintain a professional image? Get it altered. Change the hemline or swap out the buttons. You can go from frumpy to fabulous, or even better, regain the use of that favorite dress!

3) Your Size Will Change Over Time

As you age, your body will change and how your clothes fit will change as well. Many women find that, after having a baby, their waist and hips are permanently changed. Their favorite go-to garments no longer fit. Rather than donating or discarding, a good alterations professional may be able to put those favorite skirts and pants back to work!

Men may go through these same changes. For example, older men may find that they lose muscle tone in their arms and across the chest. This will impact the fit of their suits, sport coats and dress shirts. All of these costly garments can be put back into working order with the help of a skilled tailor or other alterations professional.

4) Altering is Much Less Costly Than Buying New

If you own a classic piece, such as a good wool blazer, the cost of alteration will be much more manageable than purchasing a new one. Additionally, changing standards in the clothing industry likely means that your favorite jacket or style may no longer be available.

Finding a good tailor or alterations professional may take some time. This is a job that takes a tremendous amount of skill and knowledge of how fabric moves and changes over time.


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