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March 15, 2019

4 Group Fitness Classes Every Avid Fitness Lover Should Try

Physical fitness is a crucial aspect of many people’s lives. That’s because when someone is physically fit, they look better and they feel better. Achieving physical fitness isn’t always easy and in fact, sometimes it’s quite overwhelming. That’s because there are so many different options out there for exercise. There are gyms to join, at home workouts to try, groups to be a part of, and classes that promise to get you in shape. How do you decide which one is the best one? First, you want to find something that works with your level of fitness. Next, you want to make sure that it’s something that you can stick with. Finally, you want to choose an exercise that you know you won’t get bored of while achieving results.

That’s why so many people turn towards group fitness classes. For those who like a challenge, there are 4 group fitness classes every avid fitness lover should try.

Take a Trampoline Class
Trampoline classes seem to be the latest trend. That’s because you can burn a thousand calories without ever feeling like you’re working out. An instructor teaches the class that you and other participants follow along with. The class can either take place on one giant trampoline separated by foam or on individual trampolines. An instructor will talk you through how to do squats, jumping jacks, kickboxing and more all the while jumping on a trampoline. One of the great aspects is that people can go at their own pace. Most of the time, the class takes place to music which helps you really get into the workout.

Hula-Hoop Fitness Classes
Remember how much fun it was to play with a hula-hoop when you were younger? Now, you can bring back that feeling while getting an awesome workout in. Hula-hoop fitness classes help you strengthen your core and slim down all around. For a 30 minute workout, you’ll burn roughly 200 calories and lose inches all over your body. The class teaches different poses for hula-hooping, all of which target different muscles. This class also helps with your overall balance, flexibility, and coordination as well.

Rope Workouts
It might sound a little crazy but there’s a new class that involves swinging ropes around. It’s not as simple as you may think. These ropes are long and weighted. It helps work out all of your muscles, improve your coordination, and increase your endurance. The workout is low impact but highly effective making it great for anyone no matter their fitness level.

The CrossFit Craze
CrossFit has been around for quite some time and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon because of the awesome results it yields. CrossFit focuses on basic moves such as pushups and pull-ups. There are no breaks in-between reps, however. You’ll gradually increase your reps, speed, and amount of lifting the more you do it.

Classes Yield Results
These classes are a great way to get in shape, form friendships, spice up your workout routine, and see results. There are hundreds of different classes available to choose from and these are just four that yield results.


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