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March 22, 2019

3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Brakes

The brakes on your vehicle are not something to take lightly. All it takes is one failure to place you and others on the road in a lot of danger. Knowing the more important signs that your brakes need replacing means you won’t have to wait until the brake warning light comes on to know that something’s wrong. Keep these three in mind and you will know when it’s time to have the car or truck towed to the repair shop of your choice.

You Hear a Grinding or Scraping Sound When You Press on the Brake Pedal

This is a sure sign that the brake pads are wearing thin. It’s only a matter of time before the pads fail completely and the ability to stop the vehicle is lost. By that point, you’ve likely damaged the entire braking system.

Don’t think that you have much time after hearing the grinding or scraping sound for the first time. The brakes need attention now. They could fail at any time, placing you and anyone else in the vicinity in danger. You’ll also find that the repair cost is lower when the only thing that has to be replaced is the worn pads.

Remember that there is more than one type of braking system in use today. The team at the repair shop will know what sort of system is used for your vehicle and what sort of replacement pads and other parts are needed to restore the brakes to full efficiency.

The Vehicle Pulls to One Side When You Apply the Brakes

This can also be a sign that the front end needs aligning, but don’t rule out the possibility that the brake system needs some work. Whatever the origin, the problem will cause the tires to wear unevenly. Along with putting more stress on the metal components, you are at a greater risk of experiencing flat tire. The best move is to take the car in for a check the first time you notice that the car is pulling to one side when you apply the brakes.

There’s an Acrid Scent When You Step on the Brake Pedal 

Another sign that is often overlooked is a burning or acrid smell that only develops when you press on the brake pedal. This could have to do with wear and tear on the pads, or some issue with the rotors or the shoes. The origin of the scent will depend on the type of brake design used for your vehicle. In any case, take the car to the shop whenever you notice this recurring odor.

Never underestimate the importance of the braking system. If you notice anything that’s out of the ordinary, that’s reason enough to have a professional check the system. Doing so could prevent you from being involved in an accident that leads to injuries or worse.


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