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October 17, 2017

Top 3 Companies With High Stock Movement

The stock market is one of the biggest indicators of business success, and it is also a good way for investors to make money long-term. The best way to make money in the stock market is to invest in a company before its value increases drastically, but this is not always possible. It requires a certain level of business savviness and a great eye for potential. If you see that a stock is starting to move up dramatically and you are interested in investing, you should always talk to your broker to see if you can get in on the ground floor. There are plenty of companies right now that are on their way up, but here are three that have had huge movement in the market recently.

OCRX – Ocera Therapeutics

Ocera Therapeutics has jumped a whopping 12.5 percent in just one day as of 12/28/16, and continues to show promising movement. They are a biopharmeceutical company, which is a sector that has been very intriguing overall throughout the past few years. In particular, they are invested in treating hepatic encephalopathy, which is a complication or liver cirrhosis which is particularly difficult to cure. It is thought to be connected to high levels of ammonia, and Ocera Therapeutics is currently working on developing a technology that would reduce levels of ammonia.

CDNA – CareDx, Inc.

This health care company has maintained solid share prices and growth since its recent launch, which has caught the attention of many investors. In particular, they focus on molecular diagnostics for transplant patients. Their products monitor the tissue stability and acceptance of recent transplant patients, which helps their doctors better provide them with the care that they need to be healthy. It has been tested on heart transplant patients, and is predicted to be a good alternative to more invasive care and testing procedures.

ICPT – Intercept Pharmaceuticals

This high-value pharmaceutical company continues to make great movement through the stock market, grabbing the attention of many savvy brokers. The company focuses on therapeutic solutions for liver diseases, particularly orphan diseases for which there are not currently effective treatments. Their products have been tested clinical trials and have proved to be helpful with liver disease and liver cirrhosis.


Choosing stocks to invest in can be very difficult and overwhelming, but looking at positive movement is always a good way to find options that have potential. Need more help? Contact a local broker for more guidance.


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